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About us

The Taiwan Tech Department of Electrical Engineering aims to provide electrical engineering education that combines theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Our curriculum includes power engineering, power electronics, control and automation engineering, communications engineering, electromagnetic theory, wireless communications, signal processing, microcomputer applications, system programming and computer networks.

Active research areas include power and energy, electromagnetic interference and shielding, control and automation, power electronics, microcomputer applications, embedded systems, wireless communications and computer networks. Our Department offers a four-year undergraduate programs, as well as master’s and doctoral programs, delivered by our highly-qualified and experienced members of faculty. Our department has 47 full-time faculty, with 29 full professors, 12 associate professors, and 6 assistant professors, divided into seven teaching and research groups:Power and Energy, Power and Electronics, System Engineering, Integrated Circuit and Systems, Computer and Network, and Communication and Electromagnetic Engineering.

About 50 percent of the more than thousand students, who are enrolled in our Department, are graduate students, 80 of whom are doctoral candidates.



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